Special Recognition Award

In 2018, we recognised Wilfried Van Baelen for his efforts in pushing audio technologies.

Wilfried Van Baelen co-founded Galaxy Studios Belgium in 1980, eventually building one of the most technically advanced and inspiring recording studios in the world. Wilfried has also helped deliver the next generation of cinema audio with the creation of Auro 3D in 2005, founding Auro Technologies in 2009 to promote the format.

A professional musician, producer/engineer in music and film, Wilfried says his current main mission is to deliver the last dimension in sound (Height) to the world, the final step in the dimensional evolution of sound, started in 1870 by Edison. With Auro-3D, Wilfried says the industry is coming very close to the illusion of a natural sound field around the listener.

Wilfried Van Baelen
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